AlmiA is a leading supplier of Hass avocados sourced from Mexico, with product available on a year-round basis.

Hass is the leading avocado variety with over 95% of volume. Hass avocados have a distinctive pebbly skin that turns from green to purplish-black when ripe, though color is not always the best indicator of ripeness. Contrary to their rough and blackish exterior, the pulp is pale green with a creamy texture and excellent taste.

Sizes and Weights

size        Min Weight         Max Weigh

36ct                                     <266

40ct            211.0                  265.0

48ct            171.0                  210.0

60ct            136.0                  170.0

70ct              85.0                  135.0

84ct            >85


Foreign markets have particular requirements and AlmiA is doing all to meet this needs

We are market driven and highly aware of the challenges retailers face.  We strive to understand how each retail customer works – How many days is product held in their distribution centers before it makes it to the store?  Are they equipped to store the avocados appropriately?  How do they display avocados?  What are the demographics of their customer base?  We customize programs to fit each individual customer.

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