• Mexico is the world leader for avocado growing, accounting for almost 35% of global production. Other important avocado producers include the USA and Indonesia (each with 7% of the world total), Colombia (6%), Brazil (5%) and Peru (4%).

  • In Mexico, avocado production is heavily concentrated in the state of Michoacán. The main areas of avocado orchards are near the cities of Uruapan and Tacámbaro. The annual harvest of avocados is now worth about 950 million dollars, and has increased extremely rapidly in the past decade. The total annual production of Mexico’s 21,000 avocado growers has risen to 1.5 million tons.

  • Why are Avocados From Mexico so Delicious?

You are what you eat – that applies to your fruit too. The more good things your avocados absorb while they grow, the more good things will come out when they are in your mouth. With each bite of an Avocado From Mexico, you’re transported to the rich Michoacán soil, basking in the warm sunshine and nourishing rain, and breathing deeply of the coastal air.  All the goodness that nourishes avocados from Mexico — from soil to seed to tree to fruit — equals an avocado that’s delicious and wholesome.

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